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Molecular Weight: 9.1k




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1gf-1lr3 insulin pen

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IGF1 – LRS Pre Mixed Peptide 1mg Belarus

IGF1-LR3 is a kind of IGF-1 with the amino acid arginine as the 3rd protein in its gene chain. Research has suggested IGF1-LR3 Peptide Vial has longer half-life compared to other peptides, meaning it stays active in your body for a long period.

Research experiments have suggested IGF-1 is to aid build muscle or something to put off when dealing with certain cancers. Research in mice suggests IGF1-LR3 is vital in healing and is likely to low in people with acute inflammation.

IGF1-LR3 supplements like IGF-1  have become very popular among athletes as well as bodybuilders due to research suggesting its link to muscle-building properties, But there has been a ban for this supplement by a lot of sporting regulatory organizations or agencies.

IGF1-LR3 is vital for development through adolescence as well as for the health of body cells and survival. Research shows that it could play a crucial role in regulating blood sugar as well as in keeping the organs healthy.

As such, it makes sense that low levels of IGF1-LR3 may cause medical issues like diabetes. A lot of people may need to decrease or increase their levels of IGF1-LR3 increase quality lifestyle in older adulthood, to improve muscle mass, ward off diabetes, as well as lower the risk of certain kinds of cancers. It might be possible to change the levels by diet or with a supplement.

Molecular Weight: 9.1k

Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3792098/

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