Ibutamoren (MK-677) Review

Ibutamoren MK677 Review Belarus

MK677 or Ibutamoren is entirely different. MK 677 is clinically tested, found to boost the growth hormone’s natural secretion. Compared to other products, this one has multiple clinical studies to back up its safety and efficacy. In this review, you can learn more about this fantastic compound and why it’s great for gaining or cutting stack.

What is MK677?

Here’s one thing to take note – MK 677 isn’t a SARM. MK 677 is a GH secretagogue like GHRP-6 related to peptides. As for GHRP-6, you know it for the horrible side effects. But that is not the case with MK 677 as it is entirely safe as long as you stick at the standard doses.  When you take it orally, strictly no injections, it sends signals to your pituitary glands telling it to secrete growth hormone.

Increased GH levels are quite desirable for a bodybuilder or an athlete. Ibutamoren was developed to prevent catabolism and muscle wasting caused by nitrogen wasting due to diet. But besides these effects, MK 677 also works to prevent muscle loss, oxidize stored fat, and amplify metabolism. Many say that it wouldn’t be long before everybody in bodybuilding knows about MK 677.

How to Use MK677

Ibutamoren offers a variety of ways in which you can use it to benefit to your bodybuilding stack. Here are some of the ways you can use it to improve your body:

  • PCT

After recently coming off cycle, you aren’t feeling good because of your test levels’ sudden crash.

What’s more, you lose muscle and gain fat as each day passes. In that case, you will find that Ibutamoren is the substance that can effectively prevent the loss of the muscle you tried so hard to keep. With MK 677, you have a way to keep you from gaining the dreaded weight.

  • Bulking Cycle

If you’re an athlete, surely you’ve wanted to get some HGH for the same reasons that others do. But the problem is sourcing one is challenging, not to mention it is crazy expensive. Additionally, you will need to get some shots for a few months before the HGH finally do its work. MK 677, on the other hand, gives you the same benefits for the bulking cycle without the cost or the needle pricks.

  • Shredding Cycle

When it comes to shredding, MK 677 makes sure that you will lose the extra weight faster. It makes sure that you will have your dream scenario of a hard, lean body. By using Ibutamoren in the shredding cycle, you are sure to keep still the muscle you worked hard to earn. Shredding fat is one of the best benefits you can enjoy in using this compound.

  • Existing Stack

If you want to boost the effects of your existing AAS or SARM cycle, Ibutamoren is capable of doing that in so many ways. It is excellent in amplifying the impact of your current stack without you worrying that it might cause a problem with your natural hormonal production. It is a capability of Ibutamoren that makes it irreplaceable as a bulking or cutting agent no matter the stack.


The recommended dosage for Ibutamoren is 25 mg per day. Remember that with MK 677, the results highly depend on the dose, and that makes it essential to follow the right dosage. It also means that you are certainly going to get better results if you up the dosage, say make it 50 mg per day. However, raising the dosage is not recommended if you already see great results at 25 mg.

What Things to Expect in Using MK677?

Stallone shows a perfect example of what you can expect HGH to do. Even at the age of 70, you will have the muscle mass and energy to do what a 40-year-old can. But of course, you also have to deal with the problems in its use. As for MK 677, it shows nearly similar effects although it could not produce the same pronounced results that an injectable HGH can do.

However, you can expect that Ibutamoren can show you some fantastic results. Some of the results you can expect from MK 677 include better-looking skin, fat loss, lean muscle, and better sleep. It has the same effect on your skin as Botox. You can see your skin clears and look so much better than before. You will have greater complexion, no more crow lines, and fewer wrinkles.

If it is lean muscle mass you want, MK 677 can help you gain that if put in some work. This compound is known to provide gains almost the same that a Testolone or Ostarine can get. But the advantage it offers includes muscle mass that is much better than AAS or SARM. With MK 677, you can enjoy increase calories to improve bone density as well as generate muscle.

As a result of increasing the calories you need to build muscle, the body is forced to use its fat reserves. The result is you lose your fat while you retain the muscles you gain. Another remarkable benefit of MK 677 is making your sleep better. Besides feeling refreshed, the sleep also helps you to recover much better lots of exercise so that you can do more work out.

Is MK677 Safe to Use?

The side effects of Ibutamoren are common with the use of HGH. But don’t worry because they are only mild. They are also reversible after you stop using the substance. There are some reports of increased Prolactin levels in some users. However, it might be an experience that happens mostly to people who are too sensitive to Prolactin.

Where to Buy an Authentic Ibutamoren?

It is challenging to find authentic MK677. Most of those you can buy only are either underdosed or is mixed with MK 2866. If you take these, you will not get your desired results. That being the case, you have to be careful where you get your MK 667 especially those cheap bottles you see on ordinary retail shops.

Direct Sarms one of the places where you can get the real stuff.


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